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Areley Kings W.I.

Annual General Meeting 13th November 2017

The meeting opened with the singing of ‘Jerusalem’

President Cyndy Firth welcomed our W.I. Advisor Pat Jewkes, members and visitors.

Condolences were sent to Margaret Cook, whose husband sadly passed away in October. A card was sent to her from the committee and members of our W.I.

Last Month’s Meeting

A report was given by Cyndy about the ACM at Malvern. There was a talk by a vineyard owner, who has been making the Centenary wine for the Worcestershire Federation’s 100th year. Ben Cooper then talked about his career in antiques.

Carla Walters won 1st place in the Sugarcraft category along with Best in Show.

Matters Arising:

  1. Numbers were taken for the annual lunch at The Granary, Shenstone, on 15 January, 2018.
  2. There is to be a Christmas tree display at St Bartholomew’s Church, Areley Kings, on the weekend of December 16th 2017. Katie Reid has expressed an interest in formulating the display on behalf of Areley Kings W.I. (AKWI)

Cyndy read out a report about her year as President, followed by Faye Gillmore’s Secretary’s report and Ann Bailey’s Skittles report.

Treasurer’s Report

Lesley Smith, Treasurer, read out the Treasurer’s end of year report.

Election of New Committee

Pat Jewkes, our WI Advisor then took over the meeting. She gave an annual report and then thanked the Committee of 2016-17, who then formally resigned. Volunteers for the new committee were requested, and after voting by members, the new committee was formed, with immediate effect.

President: Mrs Pamela Mary Sheward

Secretary: Mrs Linden Edwards

Treasurer: Mrs Cheridah Susan Greaves

Committee Members: Mrs Patricia Mercia Anderson, Mrs Jayne Gill, Mrs Ann Bailey

Any Other Business

Competition Points Cup winner this year is Margaret Cook, with 31 points, Pam Eves 2nd with 25 points and Ann Lakin 3rd with 19 points.

Cyndy thanked the Tea Hostesses.

A beautiful flower arrangement had adorned the top table for the evening, and was given as first prize for the Raffle.

Co-operative Tray competition. No winners as no one entered the competition.

Next month’s meeting December 11th, starting 7 pm. Christmas Quiz and carols. Buffet provided by the previous committee members.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm


February 9th 2019

President Pam Sheward welcomed members and a visitor to the meeting, followed by the singing of ‘Jerusalem’

The Annual Lunch at the Holt Fleet Hotel was a success and enjoyed by all.

Future Events

1 Craft Group. This meets on the third Monday of the month, 18th February. There will be a discussion of future projects and a chance to finish off the patchwork cushions.

2 The visit to the Royal Mint, February 28th. We leave the hall at 10 am. There will be time for lunch before the tours in the afternoon.

. The candidates for the NFWI Trustees were discussed and final Resolutions voting made by previously absent members.

Pam then introduced the Speaker, Mr John Butterworth, who spoke very entertainingly about the role the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury had to play in the history of the town.

Next Month’s Meeting. Asian Cookery demonstration with Sheila Udeshi.



Our speaker this month was Carole Carlton who gave a very interesting a talk on ‘Mrs Darley’s Herbal’; Carol highlighted some interesting historical facts regarding Tea, everyone enjoyed being able to explore and ‘sniff’ their way through the history of Tea.

The story began in China in the 16th century when a leaf fell from a tree into a cup of boiled water and the rest is history. By 1610 Tea had made its way into Europe and in 1662 tea become an acceptable drink within the Royal Court. Tea was then introduced to America in the 1700’s and it quickly became a very expensive commodity due to the high tax levels imposed by the British, protests ensued with 342 Tea chests being dumped into the Sea by American colonists, hence the Boston Tea Party! Tea was also the cause of the 18-year Opium wars: Opium eventually became the accepted currency between Britain and China creating an Opium addiction problem within China! However, despite some of Tea’s questionable historical facts Tea is still considered to be a national treasure with many acclaimed health benefits, something to cure all ills and an Elixir of the Gods!

The Skittles season is now over for this year, well done to our Team Captain Ann Bailey and all team members.

The winners of this month’s competition: 1st Lin Edwards 2nd Jayne Gill 3rd Pam Sheward.

We meet next on 13th May at 7.00pm, this will be our Resolutions meeting, there are two to discuss this year. The competition for May will be a ‘Photo or a Painting of Trees’. Visitors are always welcome, just come along. For further information please contact President Pam Sheward 01299 824484 or Secretary Lin Edwards 01299 828571.


May 2019 Meeting Minutes

On a balmy pre-summer evening our meeting was held to discuss this year’s NFWI Campaign Resolutions. The two put forward were ‘A call against the decline in local bus services’ and ‘Don’t fear the Smear’. Discussions were held putting points for and against these resolutions, it was decided by a unanimous vote that both should be put forward for further discussion at the NFWI Annual Meeting to be held next month in Bournemouth with discretion being given to our delegate Cherry Greaves on the day.
A quirky quiz was organised by President Pam Sheward: ‘Guess the saying’ which was presented in a unique format, a very entertaining way to finish the evening. Winners were Ann Bailey, Carla Walters and Ann Lakin.
The next Group Meeting will be hosted by Rock WI September 23rd. AKWI will be organising an Afternoon Strawberry Tea July 6th 2.30 pm at Areley Kings Village Hall, entry by ticket only, tickets are now available. Please contact Jayne Gill or any WI member for further information. The competition on the day will be A Hand Made Strawberry item.
The competition this month was a Photo or painting of Trees: 1st Lin Edwards 2nd Katie Reynolds.
We will meet next June 10th 7.00 pm. Our Speaker will be David Withey giving a talk on The Lighter Side of Local Government. The competition will be a Short, Humorous Anecdote.
For further information please contact President Pam Sheward or Secretary Lin Edwards. Visitors are always welcome, just come along. For more information about the Worcestershire WI Group please visit their website: .